Wasting too much time trying to recruit top developers?
At Vidurta, we understand your pain - that's why we exist. We believe in bridging cultural gaps by making the pursuit of top talent swift, trustworthy, and affordable, ensuring nothing holds back innovation and progress.

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Why Vidurta can be your unfair advantage

Top 4% of talents make it through our selective recruitment process. Candidates undergo a multi-layer technical and interpersonal series of tests.
Up to 67% less cost Reap the benefits of offshore outsourcing without compromising on quality. Hire world-class top talent at offshore prices.
1-4 days maximum While our selection process is strict, it takes only between 1-4 days to provide best of the profiles.
Stay relevant, stay competitive.

Easier said than done!

The recent years have seen increasing opportunities in the digital sector. Like many, your IT department grew fast but your need to stay competitive comes in conflict with the reality of the market.

The demand for competent, experienced and reliable developers is strong! And your local pool of candidates just doesn’t hold enough.

Thus, prices go 📈, and your margins go 📉.

Growing a team while staying lean is complicated..
unavailability of consultants at time of need
high cost
low skill and level of experience
Except it's not
Maya Senior .NET developer
Manila, Philippines Hire
Abhi Junior Node JS developer
Indore, India Hire
Raj Senior React developer
Mumbai, India Hire
Cristian Senior Angular developer
Brașov, Romania Hire
Omar Junior Flutter developer
Rabat, Morocco Hire
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Our Process
1 Understand
Everything starts with understanding your company's context, the team for which you're hiring, and the specific profile you seek. This information is summarized in the job description, which includes both mandatory and optional skills.
2 Select
Based on the jointly prepared or provided job description, we present you with the top 2 CVs within 4 days. These candidates represent the top 4% of tech talent. For each candidate, we provide our assessment of each skill, whether mandatory or optional. 95% of our clients find their preferred candidate from the initial batch!
3 Interview
You have complete liberty to interview the presented candidates in your preferred manner. Rest assured, your interview questions and methods remain confidential and aren't shared with other candidates.
4 Trial
After selection, the candidate enters a discounted three-week trial period with a one-day notice period. If for any reason you aren't satisfied with the candidate, a rare occurrence, we offer a replacement free of charge.
5 Support
We maintain constant communication with both you and our developer to ensure satisfaction on both sides. After all, a successful collaboration is about achieving a win-win situation!
Sébastien B CEO Flexteam Paris, France
Super-fast and efficient. Thanks to Vidurta, we recruited a senior Node JS developer in 48 hours. They sent us shortlisted profiles in a day, we interviewed and onboarded the developer the next day. The pre-vetting was indeed vital as we were promised.
Nimesh P Senior .Net Developer Gujarat, India
Continuous learning and challenging projects are the two most important things to me. Thanks to Vidurta, I could choose a project of my liking.
Vidurta's Story

Having lived in France for 12 years, we know the standards, needs and expectations of our clients. Our senior team is based in Paris, France, just a phone call, taxi or train ride away.
The rest of our managers and people are in India, where we source most of our developers.

Having a foot in both countries, we’re able to have full control over the quality of the work our people deliver and can be sure it always matches (and often surpasses) our clients’ needs and expectations.

We take time to build and nurture our relationships and take pride in seeing our clients succeed.

Devansh Parnami
Founder, CEO Paris, France
Siddharth Mahnot
Managing Director Jaipur, India
We bridge the gap between your vision and the talent you need to achieve it.
Talent sourcing, straight forward.
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